2015 Coburg 6H

2015 Coburg 6 Hour Championships

Another great set of results from the 2015 Coburg 6 Hour Championships, contested on Sunday 8th March at the Collingwood Harriers track at Clifton Hill. The 6AM start time proved its worth once again as the early cloud made for ideal conditions and the sun did not break through until some time after 10AM. The last 2 hours saw the temperature quickly climb but everyone was able to knuckle down in the sunny conditions and see it out.

The Men’s 6 Hour Run Championship was a ripper with a high quality field of 27, including some of our rising stars. Little separated Francesco Ciancio, Dion Finocchiro and Barry Keem throughout the race, with the lead changing more than once. But it was Dion who came home the strongest, winning with 85.037km, ahead of Francesco with 83.695km and Barry with 83.511km, ensuring that the Australian Open 6 Hour Track Record of 83.600km (held jointly by Yiannis Kouros and Trevor Jacocs) was erased from the books. As an indication of depth, the first 10 all ran in excess of 70km. It is not often we see that in Australia.

The Women’s 6 Hour Run Championship saw Nikki Wynd and Sonia McDermott matching it early but, as the race progressed, Nikki gradually drew clear, eventually winning with 71.914km to Sonia’s 68.094km.

The 6 Hour Walk Championships saw wins to Michelle Thompson with 55.073km and Robin Whyte with 50.741km and Australian Walk age group records to ACT partnership Robin Whyte (M70-74 50.741km) and Val Chesterton (W70-74 39.965km).

We also added a 100km Run event to the carnival and 3 runners took up the option of continuing on after the 6 Hour finished, to complete the requisite 250 laps. Barry Keen was first to finish with a very impressive 7:13:45, ahead of David Overend with 7:47:58 and Sonia McDermott with 8:54:50.

Thanks to our many volunteers and helpers and thanks to the crews and supporters and thanks especially to all our competitors who made the event so successful once again.

Overall results read as follows:

Place Name   Final Distance
1 Michelle THOMPSON 55.073
2 Karyn O’NEILL 46.308
3 Val CHESTERTON 39.965
Place Name Final Distance
1 Robin WHYTE 50.741
2 John KILMARTIN 50.479
3 Clarrie JACK 46.195
4 Saul RICHARDSON 43.492
5 Gary TURNER 38.639
6 Michael WHIMPEY 38.247
7 Terry O’NEILL 37.738
8 Ken CARTER 26.111
Place Name Final Distance
1 Nikki WYND 71.914
2 Sonia McDERMOTT 68.094
3 Kerrie BREMNER 63.402
4 Cheryl SYMONS 54.470
Place Name Final Distance
1 Dion FINOCCHIRO 85.037
2 Francesco CIANCIO 83.695
3 Barry KEEM 83.511
4 David OVEREND 78.548
5 Kevin MANNIX 78.103
6 Kay BRETZ 75.470
7 Matthew ECKFORD 73.922
8 Cameron GILLIES 73.435
9 Rob MASON 72.820
10 Wayne CALVERT 70.881
11 Rick COOKE 69.114
12 Daragh O’LOUGHLIN 68.950
13 Justin SCHOLZ 68.540
14 Peter BLACK 66.838
15 Simon AUSTIN 63.647
16 Gabor JAKUS 63.417
17 Omar GAROOQ 61.731
18 Ricardo COSTA 62.260
19 Ken MARSH 60.226
20 Trevor MARSH 57.546
21 Peter MUNNS 54.890
22 Rikus SLABBERT 54.182
23 Kerry CLAPHAM 51.261
24 Jonathon ASPEY 50.005
25 Tony WILMS 56.600
26 Ian HOAD 37.492
27 Ross CLOSTER 15.200
100km RUN    
Place Name Time
1 Barry KEEM 7:13:45
2 David OVEREND 7:47:58
3 Sonia McDERMOTT 8:54:50