2014 Coburg 6H

2014 Coburg 6 Hour Championships

The annual Coburg 6 Hour Track Championships were held on the morning of Sunday 23 February 2014 in their usual location at the Harold Stevens Athletics track in Coburg. The 6AM start time ensured runners and walkers only had to contend with the last couple of hours of hot sunny conditions, and the newly refreshed track surface gave maximum chance for good performances. Overall, the 33 runners and 9 walkers made the most of the occasion with a whole swathe of good performances.

The four event categories saw the early pace setters maintain strong leads throughout the race and all four were were rewarded with excellent totals

6H Run Women Bernadette Benson 74.930km
6H Walk Women Michelle Thompson 55.731km
6H Run Men Peter van Wijngaarden 80.874km
6H Walk Men Terry O’Neill 53.786km

There were a number of record breaking performances

  • Bernadette Benson set a whole swag of records with her 6 Hour winning run of 74.930km.
  • John Nuttall set a new Australian M60 6 Hour Run record of 69.882km
  • Terry O’Neill set a new Australian M55 6 Hour Walk record of 53.786km and broke our Coburg 6 Hour Championship Men’s walk record
  • Michelle Thompson set a new Australian W45 6 Hour Walk record of 55.731km
  • Peter van Wijngaarden set a new Coburg 6 Hour Championship record with his winning run of 80.874km

We were also privileged to be present for a record breaking performance of a different sort when UAE based runner Maria Conceicao and Qatar based runner Ziyah Rahim each completed their fifth ultra out of seven in a challenge to run seven ultras (50km or further) in the seven different continents in seven weeks. They had already run in Antarctica, in South America, in Asia and in England in the previous 4 weeks before arriving at Coburg for leg five. Then it was onto USA and South Africa for their final two legs over the following 2 weeks. They ran in a special 50km category and each completed their required 50km with times as follows

1. Ziyah Rahim 6:34:48
2. Maria Conceicao 7:24:53

Overall results read as follows:

Place Name   Final Distance
1 Michelle THOMPSON 55.731
2 Karyn O’NEILL 47.442
3 Dawn PARRIS 43.567
4 Sandra HOWORTH 41.338
Place Name Final Distance
1 Terry O’NEILL 53.786
2 Steve JORDAN 45.900
3 Saul RICHARDSON 42.499
4 Ken CARTER 26.513
5 John KILMARTIN 26.126
Place Name Final Distance
1 Bernadette BENSON 74.930
2 Nikki WYND 68.250
3 Lisa HARVEY-SMITH 62.549
4 Karen CHAN 60.908
5 Cally JETSON 44.559
6 Kerrie BREMNER 20.000
Place Name Final Distance
1 Peter VAN WIJNGAARDEN 80.874
2 Dan LANGELAAN 75.624
3 David OVEREND 74.330
4 Luke STRATFORD 72.259
5 David WILSON 71.197
6 Andrew ROSS 70.600
7 John NUTTALL 69.882
8 Daragh O’LOUGHLIN 69.824
9 Rick COOKE 67.042
10 Peter MULLINS 61.920
11 Robert SUTTON 61.566
12 David KROLIKOWSKI 61.016
13 Trevor MARSH 60.859
14 Luke MULLEY 60.852
15 Kazuya NAKATANI 60.574
16 Mario NERONE 57.007
17 Jevvan McPHEE 53.943
18 Jon LIM 53.759
19 Jason ANDERSON 52.845
20 Michael ATTRILL 52.576
21 Abraham BOOKER 49.545
22 Matt CRYNES 49.212
23 David JONES 44.527
24 Grant DEWAR 36.000
25 John TIMMS 26.800
50km RUN    
Place Name Time
1 Ziyad RAHIM 6:34:48
2 Maria CONCEICAO 7:24:53