Hot Weather


 The possibility of very hot days, even in autumn, is a fact of life for those of us who live in Melbourne. As in previous years, our heat policy will be in place:

If the forecast is for extremely hot weather on the day of the race, we reserve the right to postpone the event to either later in the day or to a different day. As per the guidelines issued by Sports Medicine Australia, we regard extreme conditions as conditions where the forecast temperature is expected to be 36C or higher. Such a decision would normally be made on the morning of the race. For further reading on this matter, you are referred to

This is just a heads up in case the worst happens and is an indication of the fact that ultra race organisers now increasingly factor such a ‘duty of care’ into their race plans.

We did encounter a very hot day for the 2013 6 Hour Championship event so we brought the start time forward to 6AM and used sprays to keep competitors cooler in the final couple of hours. We now schedule the 6 Hour start time at 6AM each year in case we encounter a similar day in the future.

We have organized for competitors to stay overnight either in the clubrooms or to pitch their tents/etc in the grounds on the Saturday evening before the 6 Hour Championships if they so desire. The grounds will be open from 6PM on the Saturday for this purpose.. That way you are guraanteed to be onsite for the 6AM Sunday morning start time.