Race Rules


  • No smoking, alcohol or pets allowed in the boundaries of the venue during the entire period of the event.
    Note: This applies to participants, crews and spectators.
  • The lap scoring tent is strictly out of bounds to all except race staff. All queries to go to the race director/referee who will liase with our TrailsPlus support team.
  • Hourly reports will be posted to the display boards. A progressive leaderboard display will also be active.
  • Children are not permitted on the track.
  • LANES l & 2 Reserved for 24H runners. Single file only please, unless overtaking.
    LANES 3 & 4 Reserved for 12H and 6H runners. Single file only please, unless overtaking.
    LANE 5 Reserved for all walkers. Single file only please, unless overtaking.
    LANES 6-8 Available to support crews to setup tables and chairs
  • Refreshment tables may be setup in the infield (centre of the ground) or in lane 6. Handlers must ensure that they are mindful of other competitors when handing refreshments to their designated runners or walkers.
  • Any non-competitor who wishes to accompany a competitor must:
    – run on the grass on the inside of the track
    – take responsibility for injuries from obstacles encountered
    – be aware that the competitor may be disqualified if the action is excessive and may be construed as pacing.
  • Competitors are responsible for the actions of their crews and supporters.
  • All complaints and/or protests to be made in writing to the race director/referee.
  • Rule violations may lead to disqualification of ultra competitors.
  • Ultra competitors to advise in advance of any record attempts: 6 hours, 12 hours, 100 miles, etc.
  • Chips are to record laps for all competitors. To ensure that your chip is read as you pass under the start/finish line gantry, the following points should be noted

Wear the front bib on your chest.
If you are going to wear a heart-rate monitor, wear the bib below the monitor on your stomach, NOT on your shorts.
As you come toward the gantry, DO NOT cover the bib with your hands, ie. while checking your watch, while eating food, etc.
Once the race has started, DO NOT ‘loiter’ around the timing area while you are wearing your bib.
If you change your clothes, re-attach bib to the new clothing.
Please return the bib (with the chip) after you finish.

  • Direction will be reversed every 4 hours according to standard practice. Ultra competitors must complete their current lap before they reverse direction. Directional changes will occur at 4PM, 8PM, midnight, 4AM and 8AM.
  • Each walker must walk honestly in such a way that he/she is not gaining an unfair advantage over other competitors through his/her mode of walking. Walkers are not expected to strictly comply with current racewalking rules. This is not a racewalk. Styles ranging from proper racewalking to brisk street walking are acceptable.
  • Walkers will be notified of any style infringements. A competitor may be retired from the race if repeated warnings do not bring about a satisfactory modification to walking style. This is something that has never been necessary in the 26 years we have been running this carnival.
  • Walkers are permitted to wear tights in the event of inclement weather but tracksuit pants are not permitted. We must be able to see the legs properly to be able to judge the walker’s action.