2017 Coburg 24H

2017 Coburg 6 Hour Championships

A total of 38 athletes (27 runners and 11 walkers) toed the line for the 10AM Saturday start on Saturday 22nd April 2017. Conditions certainly varied. Saturday afternoon saw sunny and warm conditions before a change came through, dumping a huge downpour of rain on the track in the late evening. From then on, intermittent rain made conditions tricky. And to add to the fun, the mist rolled in overnight from the Merri Creek, blanketing track and competitors in a dense fog. So it was certainly not boring!

The 24H Run saw clear wins to Donna Urquhart (204.607km) and John Yoon (225.611). Both were also big PBs and brought two new exciting runners to the forefront of our attention. Justin Scholz also bettered the 200km mark with a well  judged 203.093km.

24 Hour  Run Women
1. Donna Urquhart VIC 203.607 km
2. Annabel Hepworth NSW 173.971 km
3. Sarah Barnett SA 143.970 km
4. Cassie Smith QLD  98.911 km
5. Sharon Kerson USA  42.627 km

24 Hour Run Men
1. John Yoon VIC 225.611 km
2. Justin Scholz VIC 203.093 km
3. Doug Richardson NSW 180.839 km
4. Peter Clarke VIC 172.497 km
5. Shaun Moore VIC 162.035 km
6. George Mihalakellis VIC 161.633 km
7. Dean Metcalf TAS 147.200 km
8. John Donovan NSW 146.143 km
9. Corey Elms VIC 146.000 km
10. Hugh Hunter VIC 127.467 km
11. Tony Wilms VIC 120.396 km
12. Daragh O’Loughlin VIC 120.000 km
13. George Alexandropoulos VIC 114.800 km
14. Nick Baff VIC 100.000 km
15. Gabor Jakus VIC  96.800 km
16. Peter Gray VIC  73.288 km
17. James Sylvester ACT  63.600 km
18. Aidan Berg VIC  60.010 km
19. Bernd Meyer VIC  42.400 km

The 24 Hour Walk division saw wins to Dawn Parris (137.805km) and Ivo Majetic (160.934km). Ivo was the only walker to reach the 100 mile mark, achieved in a time of 21:30:55, to become Australian Centurion number 71. Satisfied with this outcome, he then retired from the race.

24 Hour Walk Women
1. Dawn Parris 64 VIC 137.805 km
2. Kate Sanderson 41 VIC 100.358 km
3. Lorraine Billett 71 SA  92.105 km

24 Hour Walk Men
1. Ivo Majetic 48 USA 160.934 km
2. Louis Commins 67 VIC 130.088 km
3. John Timms 74 VIC 119.306 km
4. Colin Heywood 62 NT 100.773 km
5. Robin Whyte (C29) 75 NSW 100.773 km
6. Terry O’Neill (C18) 61 VIC 100.358 km
7. John Kilmartin (C67) 65 VIC  51.423 km
8. Ken Carter 64 VIC  15.616 km

The walk also hosted the Racewalking Australia 100km walk championships, with wins also going to Ivo and Dawn.

RWA 100km Walk Championship Men
1. Ivo Majetic USA 12:06:56
2. Terry O’Neill VIC 13:03:04
3. Colin Heywood NT 13:53:28

RWA 100km Walk Championship Women
1. Dawn Parris VIC 15:55:31
2. Kate Sanderson VIC 21:11:47

Finally, a number of masters walking records were provisionally set as follows by Lorraine Billett (W70), Robin Whyte (M75) and Ivo Majetic (M45)

Lorraine Billet 50 Miles W70 All-Comers/Residential 18:42:40
Lorraine Billet 24 Hours W70 All-Comers/Residential 92.105 km
Robin Whyte 50 Miles M75 All-Comers/Residential 10:55:16
Robin Whyte 12 Hours M75 All-Comers/Residential 85.997 km
Ivo Majetic 100 km M45 All-Comers 12:06:56
Ivo Majetic 6 Hours M45 All-Comers 52.914 km
Ivo Majetic 12 Hours M45 All-Comers 99.170 km

A final note of thanks to the many people who deserve special mention

The many Coburg Harriers members and friends who help us out every year
Masseur extraordinaire Michael Gillan
Guest starter Tony Mangan (Tony is in transit on a round-the-world walk)
First aid support Billy Pearce and Liz Ravalli
Canteen coordinators Heather Collyer and Debbie Canal
Major sponsor Philip van Dueren of Outdoor Travel – Melbourne / Top Ten Treks
Our 24 Hour Committee, ably led by Bernie Goggin

Tim Erickson
May 2017